What software tools do you use to manage your Agile workflow?

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Last year I finally got fed up with the internal tools that I was using to manage Agile backlogs and Agile workflows, and I decided to build my own.   I first named it GroupScrum which was later renamed to AgiPlanner, but too many people thought it sounded like an agricultural product.  Recently the product has been renamed to Uzility, and is currently available as a free beta at Uzility.com.

What I am looking for is information on what tools you use for agile process and workflow management, and what you like about the tool, or what you dislike about it.

Please post a response to this post with details on the product you use, and what you like and dislike about it.  Also please include your role in the process, i.e. Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.

Thanks, I appreciate the input.


-Steve Stedman


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