Database Health Monitor Beta 8.1 Released Today

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Today Database Health Monitor Beta 8.1 released.  After the beta 8 release about three weeks ago there were a couple small issues discovered that have been addressed in Beta 8.1

Beta 8.1 was release to fix some obsolete code from a very old beta that causes the application to expire on Feb 1st, 2014, this limitation has now been removed.  Beta 8.1 also added some better error handling. In beta 8 there was a crash found in some configurations where minimizing the app caused a crash.  This has now been fixed.

New Charts


The biggest change in Beta 8 was the rewrite of many of the charts for an improved look and feel.

Please if you are using Beta 8 or older, please update to Beta 8.1.  Download at

Thanks!  Enjoy the product.


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One comment on “Database Health Monitor Beta 8.1 Released Today
  1. Mario says:

    Hi Steve! Database Health Monitor 8.1 fails with the message “. You are using an expired beta version of datbase Health You can continue to use this version, but it is Suggested that you ‘visit” Then the application is closed and there is no way that work. Help, please!

    The new version is now available. check for beta 8.2

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