SQL Server Performance for Developers

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For the .NET programmer, Visual Basic programmer or PHP programmer, if you are accessing a SQL Server database there are some things you should know to performance tune your queries. Learn how to improve query performance with Indexes, how to properly use parameterized queries, using the query analyzer, and avoiding common SQL Server performance pitfalls.


This presentation is a lot of fun. This is one of the few presentations where there is audience participation. Four luck participants will be selected to help simulate the work that SQL Server does when accessing tables structured with different types of indexes.

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If you are interested in performance, please take a look at the Database Heath Monitor.


SQL Server Performance Tuning Help from Stedman Solutions, LLCSQL Server Performance Tuning Tips

Stedman Solutions offers one day, three day and five day performance tuning packages to help get your SQL Server running faster. With the help of the Database Health Monitor, Stedman Solutions can help find the performance, CPU or I/O bottlenecks to improve the overall performance of your SQL Server.

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