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Today I am at SQL Saturday Portland Oregon, and at 9:00am I am presenting the Introduction To Common Table Expressions session:


Here is the abstract:

Have you ever wanted to create a recursive query, but didn’t see how to do it. With the Common Table Expressions session you will learn everything needed to start using CTE’s for recursive queries, as temporary views, and to use the result set multiple times in the same query. Learn how simplify query syntax using CTE’s. One of the most overlooked features of SQL Server is the CTE which not only simplifies the query, but gives you the ability to do things that would otherwise be impossible (or at least very challenging) with SQL Server. The class is designed for people who haven’t used CTE’s before, or for those who want to learn the basics of CTEs including data paging. This session pairs well with the Advanced Common Table Expressions session.

This session will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Memory Tables and CTEs
  • Simple CTE
  • CTE Instead of a Derived Table
  • Multiple CTE in a Query
  • Data Paging
  • CTEs in Stored Procedures, Functions and Views
  • Introduction To Recursive CTEs

At 10:45 I will be giving the Advanced Common Table Expressions Session.

Download the presentation here:  Introduction to

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