2 Days Until Bellingham Startup Weekend

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Just 2 more days until the Bellingham Startup Weekend. It all starts off Friday night by pitching your ideas, then over the weekend building a startup.StartupWeekendI am looking forward to the startup weekend to meet other entrepreneurs and attempt to get my idea as a startup.

I have several ideas that I have been contemplating over the last several weeks, and I believe that I have it narrowed down to a single pitch now.

Time to get back to rehearsing the pitch so that I will be ready for Friday night, and the Thursday night practice Pitch Fest.

Join the team… Even though I am not going to give away the idea yet, if my idea gets accepted and if you are interested in working on my team, I am seeking the involvement of software engineers, web developers, designers, business development, social media marketing, and someone with business hustle.

Follow the #bhamsw tag on twitter for more details, or check back here, I will continue to post over the weekend, however posting updates will be lower priority than getting a project done.

Here are a couple of fortune cookies fortunes that I had tonight that seem to apply to the startup weekend.


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