Day 1 at PASS Summit 13

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After the red eye flight last night I finally arrived at PASS Summit 13, and picked up my registration packet.

On the cab ride from the airport I had a great lecture (not much of a discussion) from the cab driver on politics and the Affordable Care Act. When I finally asked him what it was going to change for him he said “Nothing, my wife is a nurse and we have great insurance”. It was an interesting ride.

Here is the main entrance to the convention center.


Today was the first day of pre-conference sessions, which I didn’t register for due to my travel plans. Tomorrow I start the day with my first pre-conference session titled “Making SQL Server Apps Go Faster” by Brent Ozar, Jes Borland and Kendra Little.  I am looking forward to that session to see what I can learn to help the applications that I work on run faster.

wpid-20131014_124713.jpgEven thought the conference hasn’t started yet, only pre-cons going on today, the area was buzzing with activity.

Tonight I am going to attend the Networking Dinner at the Buffalo Wild Wings hosted by Steve Jones and Andy Warren. It is a networking event to get to know other people in the world wide SQL family.  I am looking forward to it.

The weather in Charlotte NC looks a lot like the weather back home in Bellingham WA, a bit gray and slightly rainy.

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