Working on the T-SQL Technical Debt feature in the Database Health Reports

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As part of my contribution back to the SQL Server community I am adding a new feature into the free Database Health Reports application.

I am currently working on adding a new feature into the Database Health Reports to analyze T-SQL Technical Debt.

If you are not familiar with technical debt, it applies to all aspects of programming or technology. This is going to be a new report added into the Database Health Reports in the next beta release (late summer).

Here is a preview of the technical debt report.


The report provides an estimate for the monetary value of the amount of work involved in fixing the technical issues found.

The thing with programming standards, and best practices is that it often times turns into a technical battle between various camps. One of the key points behind technical debt is that if you don’t agree with the rule set that is available you can always over-ride it by providing your own local coding standard.

One of the things that the technical debt report for SQL Server databases provides is transparancy. If you are a stellar SQL Server DBA writing great code that is sustainable, maintainable, and will continue to work for years into the future, that will show up. For the DBA writing bad code, that is likely to crash and burn the first time it is run, or very soon there after, that will show up also. This is intended to be a tool to help address those problems, and to fix them by improving coding standards, better education for everyone working on the database, and improved understanding of the overall health of your SQL Server.

In my initial testing after building the basic rule set, I have found some interesting results.

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