Month: July 2013

Enabling Transparent Data Encryption on SQL Server 2014

To start with for Transparent Data Encyrption (TDE) we will need to be using Enterprise (or Developer) edition of SQL Server 2014. I am using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition CTP1, which is the early release of SQL Server 2014.

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What is Hekaton

Hekaton is also known as SQL Server In-Memory database, touted to accelerate transaction throughput up to 30x performance increases on existing hardware. With a new latch-free technology Hekaton is claimed to dramatically increase performance. Are you ready to increase the speed

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Working on the T-SQL Technical Debt feature in the Database Health Reports

As part of my contribution back to the SQL Server community I am adding a new feature into the free Database Health Reports application. I am currently working on adding a new feature into the Database Health Reports to analyze T-SQL Technical Debt. If

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New Raving Fan for Database Health Reports

I received this rave today about the Database Health Reports.  It has been posted on the Raving Fans page. 7/17/2013 – Beta 6 Rave The software is really good, I am using very regularly to audit and performance tune the

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T-SQL Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a programming concept that is also known as code debt. The concept of Technical Debt applies closely with Agile software development, but also applies to database development. There are many tools available to report on technical debt

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Database Health Reports – 800th download

Today marks the 800th download of the Database Health Reports application. I would like to thank everyone who as used it and everyone who has provided me feedback along the way.  I am currently working on Beta 7, which should be

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No more Business Intelligence Development Studio in SQL 2014

When you look at the installed programs with SQL Server 2014 CTP1 you see the following: There is no BIDS or Visual Studio installed with CTP1 of SQL Server 2014.  After some additional research, and discovering that I didn’t miss

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