End of June Summary

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June was an exciting month for me with Beta 6 of the Database Health Reports releasing at the beginning of the month, and this being CTE Month at SteveStedman.com to mark the release of my Common Table Expressions book.

CTE Month Summary

CTE Month postings started with the basics on June 1st, and grew throughout the month to include more advanced CTE content.

Since June is CTE month, here are some links to other CTE articles on my blog:

You can also find more CTE examples on the TSQL Wiki.

If you enjoyed these Common Table Expression posting, and want to learn more about Common Table Expressions, please take a look at my book on CTE’s at Amazon.com. The book is titled Common Table Expressions – Joes 2 Pros® – A CTE Tutorial on Performance, Stored Procedures, Recursion, Nesting and the use of Multiple CTEs.

Other Posts for June

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