250th Blog Post at SteveStedman.com

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This is my 250th blog post at Steve Stedman.com.  Many of the post over the last year have been focused on Common Table Expression topics as I finished my CTE Book, however with last month being DBCC Command Month here there were many posts completely unrelated to CTEs.

Another category that accounts for many of the posts is the Database Health Reports project which started out fully contained on the SteveStedman.com website, but late last summer Database Health Reports Project was moved to a site of its own at DatabaseHealth.SteveStedman.com.

My goal with each blog post is to share something of value with the SQL Server community. Very rarely will I post anything that is not directly related to my experiences with Microsoft SQL Server. Over the next year I intend to continue to add more valuable content for the SQL Server community.

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