Working on the next beta of the Database Health Reports… Any requests?

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I am currently working on the next beta of the Database Health Reports.  I you haven’t seen the program check it out at

I am looking for idea of new features to add in the next beta, and I just want to ask…. Any Suggestions?


Do you have any suggestions for another report or feature to add to the Database Health Reports?  Maybe something that you check on every day that you would like to see included in the database health reports?  Just post your request as a response to this blog entry.


If you want to Download the Database Health Reports to take a look before making a suggestion, just click here.


Database Health Reports program is a powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution that alerts administrators to health, performance or availability problems within their SQL Server environment, all from a central console.

The Database Health Reports project is provide free of charge by Steve Stedman to the SQL Server community.



-Steve Stedman

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2 comments on “Working on the next beta of the Database Health Reports… Any requests?
  1. Martyn Jones says:

    Hi Steve, I was wondering if you were going to add the slide bars for the historic wait stats so three beginning and end can be slid so the exact period of interest is easily selected.

    Perhaps having dead lock info in it could be advantageous too, but configurable so its not on if not needed.

    Maybe missing indexes for highly used queues in the procedure cache could be useful too.


    • SteveStedman SteveStedman says:

      The scroll bar has been added to the historic waits page. Still working out some of the bugs with it, but it will be ready for Beta 6.

      Your other two suggestions have bee added to my feature requests list, and I will consider those after Beta 6.

      Thanks for the feedback. Have a great day.


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