Database Health Reports Beta 5 is Going Strong

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The Database Health Reports project is going strong.

Database Health Reports is a free application for monitoring the key metrics on your SQL Server. Created by Steve Stedman.

Database Health Reports Includes

  • Wait time monitoring. Once installed, keeps a historic record the database, query, program, user, and wait type.
  • Real time reporting.
    • Backup Status, Current Connections, Disk Space by Table, Identity Column Usage, Index Duplicates
    • Index Fragmentation, Long Running Queries, Missing Indexes, Queries Needing Parameters
    • One time use queries, Page Reads by Query, Page Writes by Query, Plan Cache, SP’s by Logical Writes
    • Statistics in Need of Updates, Tables with Triggers, Unclustered Tables, Unused Indexes

On March 3rd 2013 Beta 5 of Database Health Reports released, and hit a total of 400 downloads by March 27th 2013.

My favorite thing to use Database Health Reports for is when someone asks me why a database was slow at some point in the last few days, I can quickly and easily find the query or queries causing the slowdown.

Did I mention that is is free, download Database Health Reports and give it a try, you don’t even have to register or give me your email.

Here are a few screen shots from the program:





Enjoy… Just doing what I can to give back to the SQL Server community.

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