Common Table Expression accepted for SQL Saturday 212 in Redmond WA

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My Common Table Expression presentation was accepted for SQL Saturday 212 in Redmond WA.

This is the session that I am the most familiar with, and that I have presented the most times. I think this will be the 8th time I have presented this session, and after every previous presentation it has been improved.

Over the last several months I have been working with the Rick Morelan and the exceptional team at Joes2Pros to write a book on common table expressions.  This book is in the final cleanup stage, and I hope to have the a couple of the first printed copies of the book available at the session as a door prize or give-away.

Some of the things that will be covered in this session that I haven’t covered in the session before will be:

  • CTEs and the DELETE statement… Can I delete data from a CTE?
  • The UPDATE statement on a CTE… Will it update the base tables?
  • Interesting performance implications. What is safe and what is not safe with a CTE.

I will also be covering the usual topics:

If I had a little more time, I might be able to rename the presentation to “Everything you ever wanted to know about CTE’s, but were afraid to ask”.

This should be a fun presentation based on the amount of focus I have had on CTE’s over the last few months.


See you at Microsoft in Redmond on May 18th for SQL Saturday!

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