SQL Saturday Update.

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There are 2 upcoming SQL Saturday events that I have pitched presentations at.  These are Vancouver SQL Saturday 198, and Redmond SQL Saturday 2012.

If they are anything like last year these should be a blast.

One of the new presentations that I have prepared for Redmond is the following:

Getting Started as a Technical Speaker

Have you considered speaking at a SQL Saturday, but maybe don’t know where to begin.

Presenting at SQL Saturday events can be fun and fulfilling, but how do you get started?  What tools will make my presentation easier?   Where do I start with building an abstract?  How do I build my presentation?  What if I don’t fill the full time slot?  How do I build my reputation, or my personal brand?   How do I practice so that I will be ready?  What resources and examples are available to me?   These and many more questions will be answered during the presentation.

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