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Using a CTE to Split a String Into Rows with Line Numbers

Last year while working on my CTE presentation for a SQL Saturday I added a blog post called “Using a CTE to Split a String Into Rows“, and since that posting I have used it many times.   But as

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SQL Saturday Update.

There are 2 upcoming SQL Saturday events that I have pitched presentations at.  These are Vancouver SQL Saturday 198, and Redmond SQL Saturday 2012. If they are anything like last year these should be a blast. One of the new

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Database Health Reports- Beta 4 now available.

Today I released Beta 4 of the Database Health Reports. It has been 2 months since Beta 3, and several bug fixes and new features have been added.  The main focus on this beta was fixing bugs, increasing stability and

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SQL Server Performance Tuning

Need help with SQL Server Performance Tuning, contact Steve at Stedman Solutions, LLC for help, or take a look at the performance tuning page at the blog. We can help with tuning a single query or with figuring out why your SQL Server is running slow. Free 30 minute consultation.

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