Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports will be launched tomorrow.

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Finally after a month and a half of preparation on Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports, it will be released tomorrow.

The biggest feature in Beta 3 is the historic monitoring.  This process installs a small database to track wait times continuously, with a very small (less than 1%) on the database being monitored.

Look for the download of Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports tomorrow.

The Beta 3 release of the Database Health Reports adds 2 major milestones, first the Historic Monitoring which, in my opinion is as useful as the entire rest of the Database Health Reports project.   The second milestone was support for SQL Server 2005.  Several bugs were fixed that allow for the program to function correctly when connection to SQL Server 2005.

The supported versions of SQL Server for the Database Health Reports project are now:

  • SQL Server 2005 SP1 or newer
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2012

New Features

  • Added Historic Monitoring.  This is the main feature added in Beta 3.
    • Added an additional drilldown level in the tree view hierarchy.
    • Creates a small database on one SQL Server instance to track historic data from multiple instances.
    • Includes filtering by time, user, database, query, and host.
    • Allow drilldown by time, user, database, query and host.
    • Added the Historic Query Waits Advisor with charting over time, waits summary, and links to the original Waits Advisor.
  • Added a configuration option for the minimum number of pages to consider in the fragmented indexes report.  Allows users to skip the small tables with fragmentation since fragmented small tables don’t have as big of an impact as the larger tables.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a timing related crashing bug on the Table Sizes Advisor.
  • Fixed crash on startup related to the splash screen.  Implemented a new splash screen.
  • Fixed several crashes with SQL Server 2005 instances.  Right, in Beta 1 and Beta 2 I didn’t do enough testing on SQL Server 2005.  With Beta 3 I think we are good on 2005, although a couple reports are disabled because the use functionality not available on SQL Server 2005.
    • Bug 70 – Crash on backup reports with SQL Server 2005.
    • Bug 71 – Stored Procs by logical writes crashes on SQL Server 2005.
    • Bug 73 –  Re-implemented the statistics reports so that they function on SQL Server 2005.
  • Fixed bug relating to ;, + and other not alphanumeric chars in passwords.  It was causing the login to fail, now it works.
  • SQL Server 2000 is not supported, none of the functionality works on SQL Server 2000, I now disable connections to SQL Server 2000 to prevent a variety of crashes throughout the reports.
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