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After writing a recent blog post on Are you wasting half the capacity of IDENTITY, I started thinking about how much is too big for an BIGINT IDENTITY. If you don’t know about, you can get Are you wasting half the capacity

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Are you wasting half the capacity of IDENTITY?

When creating a table you can specify IDENTITY with the following syntax: For example The IDENTITY property is valid for data types of the integer data type category, except for the bit data type, or decimal data type.  So how

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Muda – or the 7 Deadly Wastes

In the manufacturing world it is referred to the 7 wastes, or the Japanese term Muda.  How does this apply to software development. THE 7 WASTES OR MUDA ARE: Transportation Inventory Motion Waiting Over-Processing Over-Production Defects These all apply to

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Database Health Version 3.1 So Soon After Beta 3

Today I release Beta 3.1 of the Database Health Reports. Immediately after the release of Beta 3, there were 3 bugs reported that were very quick to fix.  I was able to get these fixed, along with one other bug

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Beta 3 is Now Available.

One big new feature in Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports, the historic monitoring. The way that the historic monitoring works is that it continuously monitors your SQL Server database and logs the details around queries that are causing

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Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports will be launched tomorrow.

Finally after a month and a half of preparation on Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports, it will be released tomorrow. The biggest feature in Beta 3 is the historic monitoring.  This process installs a small database to track

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Coding on the Database Health Reports project, making notes in my Quest Software notebook, with a pencil from Redgate SQL in the City, wearing my Confio t-shirt, refilling my SQLSentry plastic pint glass with a Nalgene bottle from Quest Software,

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Temp Table vs Table Variable vs CTE and the use of TEMPDB.

For more information on Common Table Expessions and performance, take a look at my book at Common Table Expressions Joes 2 Pros®: A CTE Tutorial on Performance, Stored Procedures, Recursion, Nesting and the use of Multiple CTEs There are

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5 Days Until Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports

5 days until Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports.  Coming soon, and this one is going to be cool.  Although Beta1 and Beta2 had a number of great monitoring features Beta 3 takes a whole new approach.  All of

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Unleashing CTEs in SQL Server – Slides and Sample Code – Olympia SQL Saturday

Thanks to everyone who attended my CTE presentation at SQL Saturday in Olympia Washington today.   Have a great rest of the day.  As promised I have posted the slides and sample TSQL queries here.  If you have any questions, please get

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SQL Server Performance Tuning

Need help with SQL Server Performance Tuning, contact Steve at Stedman Solutions, LLC for help, or take a look at the performance tuning page at the blog. We can help with tuning a single query or with figuring out why your SQL Server is running slow. Free 30 minute consultation.

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