Index Defragementation and Management

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As I have been creating the Database Health project over the last couple of months, I have discovered that my favorite part of the whole project is the index defragmentation part of the project.  This has turned out to be more challenging that I originally expected, but a lot more interesting than I expected as well.

Yesterday I discovered a competitor to the index defragmentation part of Database Health, available from SQL Sentry, the Index Fragmentation Manager, for $795 per instance.  So to compare the Database Health project, with the beta being offered for free, with the ability to monitor hundreds of instances, it is possible that the Database Health application could save you (hundreds of instances time $795 per instance) a lot of money.

Here is a quick preview of the index defragmentation part of the Database Health project.

Just remember the  Database Health project will be available for the free Beta starting September 1, 2012.  Just register on my website, and you will be notified when the Beta is available for download.

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