Month: August 2012

Preview of the Table Size Advisor

As I get the Database Health project ready to release as a beta, more of the components are coming together.  For instance shown here is the Table Size Advisor which can be accessed from the Disk Space Report. In this

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Should I Use A Unique Identifier As A Primary Key?

Take the following sample code.    Four similar tables with an INT IDENTITY, BIGINT IDENTITY, and two with UNIQUEIDENTIFIERS, one using newid() and the other with newsequentialid(). Once the tables are created and we insert 100,000 rows into each, they

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TSQL to Determine Plan Cache Size

In SQL Server 2012, there was a change to the dynamic management view that reports on the plan cache, so the query has changed. Here are the before and after queries to determine the plan cache size in SQL Server

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Index Defragementation and Management

As I have been creating the Database Health project over the last couple of months, I have discovered that my favorite part of the whole project is the index defragmentation part of the project.  This has turned out to be

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