Month: June 2012

SQL Server Health Reports — Working on Version 2

Late last year and early this year, I created a collection of report in SSRS that I called SQL Server Health reports. Some of the things that the Server Health report evaluates are the following Index Fragmentation Big One Time Use Queries

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TSQL Pivot Table

TSQL Pivot Table?  Whats that? Here is a quick sample of how to implement a pivot table in TSQL for SQL Server. The example below creates a database called pivot, you probably already have your own database to work in.

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Working on my Lean Software Development presentation today.

Working on a 1h hour introduction to LEAN Software development entitled Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles to Software Development. Its a little bit of agile, a bit of lean, and a ton of common sense. Here is a link to the presentation:

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Common Table Expression – links

Here are a few links to some of the other CTE examples used during my Common Table Expressions presentation. Using a CTE in a Function to Split Up a Query String Using a CTE to Split a String Into Rows

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Home after Seattle (Redmond) Code Camp 2012

What a great day at  Code Camp today. Click here to download the slides and sample code from the presentations. The first presentation that I attended was  Accelerating your Development Workflow presentation by Ian Davis.  What a great presentation, it touched

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Code camp 2012.

Code Camp Schedule… The photo is pretty bad, but if you could see it you would see my three sessions.

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Code Camp in Redmond Today—

I am headed to Code Camp in Redmond WA today.  I ended up with 3 sessions that I will be presenting, and I am really looking forward to the day. I am looking forward to attending the Accelerating your Development Workflow presentation

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Whats your favorite SSMS time saving hotkey?

Recently I have been on the LEAN improvement quest to make a 2 second improvement in my process every day. Part of that improvement is to avoid switching to the mouse when you don’t have to.  Here are some shortcut

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TSQL 2012 CHOOSE Function

In SQL Server 2012 there is a new function called CHOOSE that takes in an offset, and a list of options.  Choose is a function that returns the item at a specific index. Syntax: —CHOOSE(index, val_1, val_2, val_3, …) —If

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Sessions Submitted for SQL Saturday – Olympia

SQL Saturday 166 in Olympia WA on November 10th was announced, and that one is close enough to drive to.  I have submitted 2 sessions for this event.   What’s New in TSQL 2012 By November, this with be the

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