My Top 10 TSQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2012

So far after playing around with SQL Server 2012 there are many new features to SQL.  Overall I think my favorites are in the Analytic Functions category.  Here is my breakdown of the top 10 transact SQL enhancements to SQL Server 2012.

10.  New SEQUENCE object

9.  CHOOSE function

8.  Analytics – Analytic Functions – PERCENT_RANK


6. IIF function in TSQL.

5. TSQL Analytic Functions LEAD and LAG

4.  OVER clause with ROWS PRECEDING and FOLLOWING in TSQL 2012

3.  OFFSET / FETCH in a SELECT statement


1.  Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) or as it is known in TSQL CUME_DIST()

Whats your favorite?

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