Month: November 2011

Recursive CTE’s

As part of my planning for the SQL Saturday Presentation in Vancouver I am creating an hour long presentation on Common Table Expressions. The easiest way to do a recursive query in SQL server is to use a recursive CTE

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Another Session Submitted for SQL Saturday

I just submitted a second abstract for SQL Saturday titled Unleashing Common Table Expressions in SQL Server. This is for the SQL Saturday Redmond and SQL Saturday Vancouver BC sessions. I am hoping to get three sessions accepted for Vancouver.

Free – Duplicate Indexes Report – Updated

After creating and deploying the duplicate indexes report earlier today I discovered that although the report did exactly what it says, it didn’t do what I needed. The earlier  duplicate indexes report only found indexes that were an exact match on the

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Free – New Duplicate Indexes Report added

After yesterdays Long Running Queries Report, I have decided to add one more SQL Server Health report. A duplicate indexes report has been added to the Server Health reports. With this report you can track down time waste associated with duplicate indexes. Here

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Free – Long Running Queries Report Created

A long running queries report has been added to the Server Health reports. With this report you can track down time consuming queries that may be causing excessive load on your server. Here is a sample of the new free

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Abstracts submitted to SQL Saturday

I just submitted abstracts to SQL Saturday  #114 in Vancouver and #108 in Redmond. The Redmond SQL Saturday appears to be the more popular of the two.  Who knows if my session will get accepted, but I am giving it

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Error code 0x85640004 when installing SQL Server 2012 RC0 on a Non Domain Computer

Today I ran the install of SQL Server 2012 RC2 on another computer this time a Windows 7 computer not on a domain.  Here is the trouble that I ran into.   SQL Server Setup has encountered the following error:

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Virtual SQL Server Class Survey #1

I am creating a SQL Server web based class to be held on a weekly basis. If you were to attend, what time would work best for you? If none of those times work, please add a comment with a

A Fun Thanksgiving Day Query.

Download the Thanksgiving query sample code here. I thought it would be fun to put together a query to get us in the spirit of Thanksgiving dinner tonight. This query is using techniques from another recent posting on CSV formatting query

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SQL Server 2012 Compatibility Level

SQL 2012 Compatibility Level With SQL Server 2012, there was a new compatibility level being introduced, level 110 the new SQL 2012 compatibility level. SQL Server can run in a number of different compatibility levels, but how do you change it and

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