Moving to a new datacenter – EPIC FAIL – Fibercloud.

The current datacenter has failed.  The company that we have been using Fibercloud in Bellinhgam WA, with their “Always On” slogan has had an epic failure.

Server temp of 117 degrees F means that it is time to move to a real datacenter.

Planning on configuring a new SQL server a the new location, then doing a full restore and applying transactions logs to make the move.  Once all the transaction logs are caught up, we will switch over to the new datacenter.

Fibercloud needs to learn that power without cooling is a bad thing, and cooling without power (for many hours) is also another bad thing.  Today Fibercloud has earned the nick name of the Fisher Price data center.  No offense intended towards Fisher Price.  Another term that I heard for Fibercloud was “my First Datacenter”.