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SQL Server Performance Tuning for the Bellingham .NET users group

Tonight I had the opportunity to present to the Bellingham .NET users group.  About 30 people showed up for the presentation.   SQL Server Performance Tuning and Advanced Query Tuning: This presentation will include SQL Server performance tuning tips and

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varchar(max) and varbinary(max) Questions and Answers

The following applies to SQL Server 2008. How big of an allocation does max represent in the case of varchar(max) and varbinary(max)? Up to 2 ^ 31 – 1 bytes or just about 2gb.   Can I specify a varchar(9000)

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SQL Server Performance Tuning

Need help with SQL Server Performance Tuning, contact Steve at Stedman Solutions, LLC for help, or take a look at the performance tuning page at the blog. We can help with tuning a single query or with figuring out why your SQL Server is running slow. Free 30 minute consultation.

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