A Comparison of Oracle and MySQL

MySQL is to Oracle as Linux is to Windows.

Limiting Result Sets

Oracle supports ROWNUM to limit the result Sets

FROM tablename
WHERE rowmun < 10

MySql uses the LIMIT clause.

FROM tablename

Bind Variables
The latest versions of MySql supports bind variables, and Oracle has supported bind variables for a very long time. Just a slightly different syntax, but the same thing can be accomplished with both MySql and Oracle bind variables.

Sequence Numbers
In Oracle you create a sequence object.

In MySql, you set an attribute on a column to be AUTO_INCREMENT, when NULL is inserted into an AUTO_INCREMENT column, the next value is entered.

Licensing Costs
Oracle licensing can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a multiprocessor server.
MySql is a free opensource database, and has no licensing.

So, which is better, MySql or Oracle?
Either may be better, depending on your needs. The right answer might be both. Using one database doesn’t preclude you from using another. It might make sense to use Oracle for data warehousing, and then to use MySql for data warehousing, or possibly the opposite.

Need Oracle or MySql Tuning Support?
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