SQL Server 2005 Compatibility Level

SQL Server can run in a number of different compatibility levels, but how do you change it and how do you set it. These compatibility levels reflect the version of SQL server.

  • 60 = SQL Server 6.0
  • 65 = SQL Server 6.5
  • 70 = SQL Server 7.0
  • 80 = SQL Server 2000
  • 90 = SQL Server 2005
Here is a sample script that will show you the current compatibility level, set it to 90, then show you the current level after it has been set.
sp_dbcmptlevel dbname;
sp_dbcmptlevel dbname, 90;
sp_dbcmptlevel dbname;

This TSQL will generate the following output:

The current compatibility level is 90.
The current compatibility level is 80.

Once you change the compatibility level, you will want to be sure that your system still runs correctly.