Just Learning Microsoft SQL Server

This page is the easter egg page on my site. Just kind of a funny historical page to denote my first introduction to Microsoft SQL Server.

I was working in Microsoft Product Support at the time, it was the year after Microsoft released Windows 3.0. Another developer and I had been working on a new application for the support team to use to track customers, an early CRM type application.

Somehow we were able to get into an introductory SQL Server class at Microsoft University, it was a 5 day class that started my life working on SQL server

The current version of SQL server was 1.0, and it only ran on OS/2. At this point in time SQL server was only a 16 bit application, but we didn’t have much more than 2mb or 4mb of memory, so we didn’t need much more than a 16 bit server. The SQL Server install came in a box that was about 1ft x 1ft x 1ft, and it had a ton of 5.25 inch floppy disks for the install.

I never knew that 22 years later I would still be using Microsoft SQL Server.